Hi there,

My name is Sam and I live in Montreal.

I am a professional Tool Maker, and an ex-jet aircraft engine machinist with a wide range of different skills...

...Bringing practical and bright ideas to live better, safe, and organized in a home improvement project, as well as troubleshooting, fixing, recreation and finishing a well-planned project,  is what I enjoy the most when accomplished in my trade.

And of course, I always welcome building your "Custom Hobby" Project.

I am a Handyman, an Entrepreneur, and a Craftsman and this is my full time job, for over 15 years by doing a various home improvement and handy services in & around homes and offices.

Most of the times I perform all the operations by myself. (so the person you call to is the person who does the work.) But when it comes to bigger projects, I work only with licensed electricians & plumbers.

I am a hard worker with strong hands-on tools ability and a knack for troubleshooting.

"I Say What I Do, And I Do What I Say."

With the vast technical background, professional skills and years of working experience, I know how to work safe, neat and quick...

Most of my clients are from recommendations, which I thank them all. Please feel free to review some of their testimonials...

If you need help on your next project, please feel free to contact us.

Looking forward to work with you on your next project. :)