Sam the Handyman™ is your One Stop Source  for what you need to have installed, assembled, repaired or altered in your business spaces.

Specialized in:

Fixture installation,

Mill working,


Small repairs,

Professional Installation Services

Whether you're starting your next project, or need repair work, or want to have some office improvement, we can get the job done quickly, and within your budget.



We offer an excellent workmanship, quick installations, and 30/days  limited warranty on all our installations. 

We are a fully insured company with $2,000,000 Liability insurance.

So tell us what you need from us!. Call for a consultation or send us an email today!

Here are some examples of we do, and what we do not take on:

Installation, Assembly, Repair & Millwork...

Back Room Racking Installation

Cabinet Installation

Complete Site Surveys

Closet organizing

Curtains & Blinds Installation

Dishwasher installation

Door Deadbolt Lock Installation

Door repair, Alignment, Troubleshooting

Keypad Door Lock Installation

Event Equipment Installation

Furniture Assembly

Furniture Repair

Graphic/Signage Installation

Handyman Services

Light fixture installation

Mirrors installation

Modular Office Partitions installation

Motorized TV-Lift-Cabinet installation

Office Improvement Services

Patchwork/repair walls

Picture frames, Artworks & paintings installation

Showcase Installation

Sink & Faucet Installation

Millwork services

Storage & Display Shelving Installation

Vendor Shops Installation

Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Installation

Window Air Conditioner Installation

Window Privacy Film Installation

Sorry, we do not have the following Services:

No general laboring,

No renovation services,

No construction services,

No delivery or moving services,

No appliance repairing,

No garage door repair/installation, 

No drywall or framing services,

No painting service,

No demolishing jobs,

No major electrical work,

No major plumbing,

No cleaning services,

No railing/banisters installation,

No flooring jobs, 

No ceiling repair,

No brick & concrete jobs,

No roofing jobs,

No gutter/ eavestrough cleaning or repair,

No snow removal service,

No landscaping service,

No carpet installation or removal,

No debris disposal service, 

No swimming pool services,

No Tempo installation or removal,

Depending on the scale of each job and the nature of your project and the contract agreement, we may subcontract part or the entire job with our other professional partners to facilitate the progress and accomplish the tasks on time. This will be subject to our final agreement. 

To learn more about services' availability in you area, please check out the "Service Areas" page.

To get a quote on your commercial project, please forward your inquiries along with "S.O.W." by email or a "Short-Form".