Flat Rates

Flat rates/fees varies on different jobs and quoted based on the following facts:

1- Nature of the job; (repair, assembly, installation, lights, doors, cabinets, plumbing, jobs on tall ladders, troubleshooting etc...)

2- Location (distance to go),

3- Quantity of the each items,

4-Number of installers,

5- Date/ time. (weekdays, weekends, holidays, evenings)

6- Interior/Exterior

Material used for the projects, paid parking "where applicable" & taxes are not included in a "flat rate" quotation, unless otherwise specified. 

We've put everything right upfront to ensure you won't get surprises! and don't have to be worried even if the job takes extra time.

For a flat rate on your project, please send us your inquiry by an e-mail or a "SHORT-FORM".