Before & After-a-Moving Services

There are many things to take care of before and after a moving...

We can help you to be well prepared, and have all tasks to be done on schedule.


Here is how we can help:

We offer a flat-rate on all tasks to be done.

To get a quote and for booking please write to us and include the following information in your message;

-Please send your entire to-do-list in detail and quantity of each task/item in your old and new place. (You can also send pictures where needed)

-choose a date/time for each location,

-postal codes for both locations.

Here are some examples on most common tasks to be taken care of before and after a moving:

Uninstall & Reinstallations:


-Wardrobes, Furniture, Cabinets,

-Sofa bed, bunk bed, 

-TV, Modem, Router,


-Washer and Dryer,



-Range microwave,

-Air conditioner,

-Picture frames, paintings, Mirrors,

-Curtains and rods, blinds,

-Light fixtures,

-Electric Fireplace

-Water filter unit,

-Custom shelvings,

-Electronic Thermostat,

-Door locks,

-Peep hole,

-And more...


Trouble shootings:

-Room Doors,

-Closet doors,

-Cabinet doors,


-Patch working,

-Dimmer switches,

-Leaky faucets,

-Furniture repair,

To learn more about the services' availability in your area, please visit the "Service-Areas" page.

If you need help on your next project, we can help, please let us know.

Call us today to get a quote or send us a Short-Form to book for your next project.