TV Wall Mounting Installation Services

Professional TV Wall Mount & Home Theater System Installation Services:

 Flat screen TV wall mount installation service:



We offer excellent workmanship, quick installation, and a limited 30/days warranty on all our installations.




Professional & quick services available for all size of TV to mount on drywall, wood, brick and concrete walls.








Motorized "TV Lift-Cabinet" installation:


LCD TV wall mount installation on an articulating/ full motion bracket with or without wires concealing service.




Programmable TV lift-cabinet installation

Home theater system, projector & speaker bar installation service


No matter where you bought your TV or home theater equipment, We can help installing them all.







Motorized and non Motorized Projector Screens:

It is unadvisable to project on a wall, no matter how white it is, you're going to need a screen. Screens are available in a variety of sizes and can either be mounted on a wall, hung from the ceiling or propped on a stand.





Projector Mounts

If you're not planning to move your projector very often, then a mount can offer a nice touch to a home theatre setup. You can mount them on the ceiling and save the hassle of setting up each time.














Installation Cost:

TV wall mounting and home theater system installation cost is quoted on a "flat rate" depending on:

1- Your location,

2- TV Size,

3- Number of TVs to install,

4- Wall material,

5- Whether or not you will get your own Bracket,

6- Whether or not you need wiring service,

7- And your preferred date/time for the installation,




TV Mounting Brackets & Supply:

we do not sell or trade TV mounting brackets, but if you want; we will get you one at the cost. (On demands only)





Our pledge is to make an excellent workmanship, best prices and a limited 30/days warranty on every installation we do. 

 If you need help with your next TV or home theater system installation, Please "Contact Us" or send us a "Short-Form"

To learn more about the services' availability in your area, please visit the "Service-Areas" page. 

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